Designer’s Corner & Flower Shows

Standard Flower Show

SCGC hosts a Standard Flower Show every two years. The purpose of the show is four fold:
*to educate the public and garden club members;
* to provide an outlet for creative expression with a set of standards for artistic and horticultural excellence;
* to broaden knowledge and stimulate interest in horticulture, flower arrangement, conservation, and other related areas;
* to share the beauty of a show with fellow club members and the public and to convey the objectives of SCGC.
A Standard Flower Show is a competitive exhibition of floral designs and horticulture and may also include additional exhibits such as artistic crafts, photography, and educational exhibits. It must conform to written guidelines of the National Garden Club (NGC) and must be judged by NGC approved judges. The flower show schedule prepared by the club details the rules for entries in the show and establishes the flower show theme.

Club members who have gone through the process to become credited Flower Show Judges:
David Barber (Life)
Wini Biehl (Master)
Karen Grant (Master)
Kathy Jump (Master)
Sally Noble (Master)
Gail Olson (Life)
Kathy Rewerts (Master)
David Robson (Master)
Polly Roesch (Emeritus)
Ada Lynn Shrewsbury (Master)
Anita Walbaum (Master)