Club Awards

AWARDS: This budgeted committee is under the third vice-president. The chair of this committee is responsible for preparing the books of evidence and submitting them to the state awards chair before deadline. The president and event chair will determine what awards will be applied for. A typewritten or legibly-written story of the project, including number of persons involved, volunteer hours, costs, pictures, newspaper clippings and all other pertinent data should be given to the award chair, who types and compiles the book. Books are sent registered mail, Return Receipt Requested.

Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc.
#15. B. Design Excellence Award for Creative Design in a Standard Flower Show (New in 2009). Sponsored by Springfield Cvic Garden Club. ($25 to the winning entry)

SCGC Awards Submitted in 2015
CR, GCI Awarded in April, 2016 and NGC Awards in May, 2016

21       Civic Project of Exceptional Merit (Milkweed for Monarchs) – 1st Place Certificate, Purple, Orange/Black Rosette - Sent to NGC

22       Civic Concern (Christmas Tree in a Bag) – Certificate and Blue Rosette for continuing project

31v      Violet M. Dawson Award for Environmental Education - 1st place certificate and red rosette

33B     Historic Preservation - $50.00 and certificate to a club dedicated to the continuing challenge of reclaiming and preserving a historic site - Sent to NGC

39v.     Best Yearbook – 1st place certificate and red rosette

51.a    District & Club Publications, Leaflet (membership brochure) - 1st place certificate - Sent to NGC

51.b.i  District & Club Publications (newsletter) - magazine/bulletin 24 pages or less 4 issues per year - 1st place certificate - Sent to NGC

51b.ii  District & Club Publications Magazine/Bulletin more than 4 issues a year (monthly announcements) – 1st place certificate - Sent to NGC

51d.iv District & Club Publications – Website - 1st place certificate - Sent to NGC

51a.i Garden Therapy – (Mary Bryant Home) - $25.00 and certificate

105B Gloria Green Advanced Designer Award – $25.00 and 2nd place certificate

106     The Garden Club of Downers Grove National Garden Week Award - $25 and certificate - Sent to NGC

District III Club Achievement Awards, District III – Gold Seal

82       VIP (Very Important Person) 2016 Awards – silver charm necklace and certificate

Kathy Iler

Marianne Lawrence


Phyllis Steinhour

Wendy Weisenburn

Awards Committee: Judy Frasco, Co Chair; Marianne Lawrence, Co Chair; Phyllis Steinhour and Pat-Paul Kuffner