"The Garden Of Friendship”

The Springfield Civic Garden Club has several objectives.  We are to support and encourage knowledge of horticulture. We are to teach the art and greater skills in flower designing. We are to beautify our surroundings and lend a helping hand whenever possible. I would like to add an objective. “Make a friend and keep them for life.” I have found this to be true over the years in this wonderful club, and I encourage you to do the same.

Our club offers so many activities for you to volunteer and meet many wonderful people. If you were at our November meeting, many of our projects were on display. All you have to do is pick one or several.

We have a lending library, bus tours, community plantings and projects, designs for the home and community. Club members place these designs throughout the city for Garden Week. This past Christmas many of our members decorated the Dana Thomas House. We have a flower show and garden walk every other year. We volunteer our time and floral creations at the Lincoln Home Visitor Center, Dana Thomas House and Lincoln Memorial Garden. If Mrs. Knudson, Founder of Lincoln Memorial Garden could see it now, I think she would be really pleased.

One of my personal favorites is Arbor Day. We always invite elementary children and speakers to help plant a tree in one of our city parks. The children write poems or stories about trees and how they help us. They are so special. The tree they help plant is their tree to watch it grow.  They watch it grow through the years, and always tell family and friends that they helped to plant that tree.  It is a memory they don’t forget.

Our members and the community look forward to the club’s annual plant sale in May. This takes many, many people to provide our community with a variety of top notch plants, tools and donations from our businesses in the community. The fun and fellowship are wonderful. Customers are always standing in line to buy the plants that our Club members provide.

Various creative workshops are held throughout the year. There is always something new to learn, which brings me to our scholarship.  Any local student who majors in environmental or horticulture studies are always welcome to apply.

One of our newer projects is “Christmas Tree in a Bag”. Our Club members decorate and donate an average of 300 small beautifully decorated Christmas trees or wreaths to several community organizations in our city and several nursing homes. I can just imagine the joy this brings to the recipients.

I’m sure I’ve omitted some of our club’s many activities.  Check out our Yearbook’s listing of projects.  Step out and find that particular thing and join in with the others.

Georgia O’Keeffe said “When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment”.  I know when I have problems or worries, I go to my flower garden.  It is always peaceful and helps to melt away all of my troubles.  It’s my world for the moment.   I can call a friend to talk about their garden or where are we going to buy plants this spring. Friendship is a wonderful thing. Just like our plants, you have to work at being a friend to have one.  Find a project in our Club and find a friend.