Welcome to the Springfield Civic Garden Club

SCGC was organized in 1929.  Our objectives are to encourage the advancement of  horticulture and creative design , to aid in civic beautification and to encourage conservation and protection of our natural resources.

  • SCGC is a member of both The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc. and National Garden Clubs, Inc.
  • SCGC is  one of the largest garden clubs in the country.
  • We support the University of Illinois Master Gardener program, counting many MGs as SCGC members.
  • We participate in many community projects and encourage the growth of such.
  • We support and assist in educational activities with children.

Being a large club allows us the luxury of excellent speakers educating us in both horticulture,  (i.e. landscaping as well as basic gardening ) and design  (i.e. floral arrangements and garden design using the correct plants.)   This creative expression through design is spread through the community by allowing visitors to see the many designs and learning how to produce them.